2014 In Review: Thank You From Overheard Productions

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog.

I find these reports interesting in so far as they confirm a few things I can guess at or infer, such as a lot of eyeballs are located in USA and Canada.

And that if you give a public institution like the federal Department of Human Services and its portfolio ministerial offices a sound and well-deserved kicking, that will be of interest to the punters.

Thanks for making 2014 by far the most read year of this blog and hold onto your ears for 2015: it’s showtime!

Bill Quinn
The Big Cheesy
Overheard Productions

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,900 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


The Woodford Files 2014-2015: Moochers Inc.

For the next eight days and then some, I’ll be filing stories about the Woodford Folk Festival in south east Queensland.
Follow the stories and adventures here.

Timber and Steel

The wonderful Woodford Folk Festival kicks off on the Sunshine Coast hinterland in a magical kingdom called Woodfordia on Saturday 27 December 2014, and ends in a fiery extravaganza on the evening of Thursday 1 January 2015.

If you’ve not experienced Woodford before, then don’t delay. There’s still time to kennel the cat, grab your significant other, and point the wagon train north to Caboolture* and peel off left. Or south to Palmview and peel off to the right past Beerwah.

Ok, I could keep going but you’ve probably got Google Maps too, so you can keep playing at home if you like.

This is the first in a series of interviews, vignettes**, features and story-ettes that will seek to entice you off the couch and away from the Boxing Day Test to a sport far more interactive (and you can get in on the cricket action with…

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Taliska On Tour In ACT, NSW and Victoria

Taliska. Image courtesy of Taliska.
Taliska. Image courtesy of Taliska.

Taliska On Tour To Eurobodalla, Jenolan Caves, ACT and Victoria

Taliska is bringing a taste of Scotland to a taste of parts of New South Wales and the ACT this month, and then plying their Celtic trade closer to home in Ringwood and Portarlington (Victoria) and many steps beyond.

Hopefully they’ll be near you, and if they’re not, well, that’s just all the more reason to start loving their music and get them to your town next time they’re back this way.

OR get yourself on a Greyhound or Murray’s bus to one of the three venues, stat!

Definitely like them on Facebook and follow the trails, talents and travails of Taliska.

Who are Taliska?

Claire Patti has a voice that has to be heard to be believed and she plays the harp (the stringed one), french horn and piano accordion. Claire sings harmonies with the guitar-playing band leader Marcus de Rijk (note the strong Scottish influence in that name — mmm, maybe not so much), while Geoff Jones plays pipes, whistles and bodhran. Angus Downing makes the whole thing fly with his wonderful fiddle playing. Taliska’s traditional Ceilidh will have your feet pounding the tiles. 

The mini tour will take in a gig at the always popular Merry Muse in their new home at the Burns Club in Kambah, a performance at the majestic Jenolan Caves plus a wonderful house concert in one of the best locations on the Eurobodalla Nature Coast at Congo (just south of Moruya).

COMING SOON: Billy Quinn from Overheard Productions and Ducks Crossing Publications spoke with Marcus de Rijk early this week, and here’s what Marcus had to say about the band and the coming performances.

[Insert dirty great big embedded link here with lovely contrasting orange, white and black — like Greater Western Sydney or Wests Tigers or that really professional-looking pumbing mob down in Sorrento — right here when it’s ready to rock. Scheduled to do it between 10.30am and 11.00am AEST. It’s 01:44am now so if it all goes to plan, will be up before midday.]

Oh, look. Ready at 11:32am. Always delight the publics, we say at Overheard Productions!

Gig for Taliska on their mini-tour of NSW and ACT plus upcoming Victorian gigs:

Friday 23 May — The Merry Muse, Canberra
Sunday 24 MayJenolan Caves, Jenolan (NSW)
Saturday 25 May — House concert in the Congo area (email: howejp@bigpond.com)
6-9 June — National Celtic Festival, Port Arlington (Vic)
Tuesday 10 JuneVic Folk Music Club, Ringwood (Vic)
Saturday 21 June — Battle of Bannockburn promo event (Vic)
Sunday 22 June — Battle of Bannockburn (Vic)
27 – 29 June — Camperdown Burns Festival (Vic)
Thursday 21 August — Mamma Vittoria, Fitzroy (Vic)
Friday 29 August — Conservatory Café, Wyreena (Vic)

Full details of Taliska gigs is at their website.

Billy’s Going The Nude Nut: World’s Greatest Shave (with help from Creative Image Hairdressers)

Billy Hairy O'Quinn from County Clare.
Billy Hairy O’Cuinn from County Clare. It was his forefather (or possibly his fifth father) Seamus O’Cuinn who started the family tradition of the first male born of every litter to not have eyes equally open when selfie photos are taken on smart phones. First recorded incidence: 1757.

### STOP PRESS — I dropped into the salon that’s going to shave my head and interviewed Teresa from Creative Image Hairdressers, cnr Boddington Crescent and Carleton Street, Kambah, ACT, Australia (phone +61-2-6231-4217). An absolute pleasure to speak with someone who loves what they do for a living, focussed on family and community, and quick with the wit when it comes to a shaggy do put-down for fun about the willing victim! Coming here now! ###

The photo above is me, though not as you may know me. (Actually, looking at that photo again, I look a bit like one of Dr Who’s Cybermen!)

I’m raising funds for the Leukemia Foundation.

Cancer is an insidious little [unmentionable] of a beastie and it discriminates not based on age, gender, race or creed.

It doesn’t give a damn whether you’ve lived a good, bad or indifferent life. Whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or struggled from day dot to make ends meet.

It can advance and ride rough-shod over our lives and our relationships and our families, and it doesn’t give a flying fig who it takes down on its merry dance.

I know. It took my baby bro’ out in 1998 at the wizened old age of 26, and then just to waggle its arse at us, it crept up from nowhere and took out Dad out in 2006.

I’d like to meet Cancer some day and kick it fair and square in the nads.

I can’t.

I can only do what I’ve done in some ways since 1992 and rattle a tin under your nose.

In 2013 I’m shaving my hairy bonce and visage to support the Leukemia Foundation.

Will you help? You can, and it can cost you from zero to whatever you want to put into the tin.

Click here and you can just leave me a message of support or donate if you like. Believe me; if you don’t have the means to make a donation, just a short message will mean all the world to me.

If you have the ability to chuck in a few bucks that’s grand, but it’s not a requisite.

It’s totes your call. And I’ll love you either way, whether you’re shucking clams into the donation pot, or leaving words of encouragement.

And if you’re at the National Folk Festival, it all gets real on Easter Sunday at 12:36pm outside the Session Bar.

Facebook event is here: http://www.facebook.com/events/102837806558033/?fref=ts

And my special thanks to Teresa from Creative Image Hairdressers in Kambah for doing the hack and slash work. If you’d like Teresa and the team to do something a wee bit more sedate and considered, give Teresa a yodel on 02 6231 4217.

And tell her Billy sent yer!


No Bills.
No Bills.

National Folk Festival: two weeks and counting

Image courtesy of the National Folk Festival (Australia)
Image courtesy of the National Folk Festival (Australia)

In two weeks’ time, on Thursday 28 March 2013, the grounds of EPIC (Exhibition Park in Canberra) will eschew all traces of horse floats, cattle-judging, burnouts and street cars named ‘WarnieRoolz’, and will burst into life, colour, song, dance, percussion, spoken word and related arts for the 2013 National Folk Festival.

I stopped across its threshold in 2005 for the first time ever; never mind that I grew up two decent golf swings away from its front door.

I’ve been making up for this yawning gap in my musical life ever since.

On that first night in situ at Flemington Road, Mitchell I fell hopelessly in love with an event and a music genre/genres.

(I also fell in love and found another almost-ex-Mrs-Quinn in the CD Shop, but that’s another story…)

Bodhrans in the Grandstand. Photo by Billy Quinn.
Bodhrans in the Grandstand. Photo by Billy Quinn.

Eight years down the track, gearing up for a ninth consecutive, I’m excited again as the Canberra air chills in the early mornings and late evenings, as the leaves decide they’ve had a good run over summer and now it’s time to turn brown, red, or amber and see if they can jag an invitation to go meet the ground.

I’m excited as I drive past the EPIC show grounds every couple of days, and sense movement at the station and strange new structures being erected or imagined.

No, it’s not a car show. Dorothy, we’re not in Deniliquin anymore.

It’s the National Folk Festival. Arrayed in a slightly different configuration this year, with some changes, tweaks and sundry twists and turns.

If you were sat at home thinking, aw, might give it a miss this year, my suggestion would be this.


Firstly, for Canberrians, ACT is the feature state in this Canberra’s centenary year. So Canberra will be well-represented for the festival and the world to see.

Spoilt for choice. Photo by Billy Quinn.
Spoilt for choice. Photo by Billy Quinn.

Secondly, there is an eye-watering line-up of quality music and song and all that other stuff catalogued above.

Over the next two weeks and across the festival itself, I’ll be bringing some tastes and teasers and forecasts of things to come and those that are here and now.

The microphone’s primed, the camera (lol) is warmed up and the video camera has just been fished out of the garage sale pile.

Join me as I preview the National Folk Festival 2013, and please do join us all as we welcome the world in this year again at Easter at our church of the blessed folklore in Canberra. And much as in Rome there will be white and black smoke issuing from the……………………… fire buckets. Where did you think I was going with that?!

Full program available in read only format here: http://issuu.com/nationalfolkfestival/docs/2013_national_folk_festival_program

Tickets available here (early bird tickets on sale until Sunday 24 March): http://sales.securetix.net.au/event.php?feed_id=MDAwMTkwMDAyNjczODY4OA%3D%3D&event_id=247

Handy set of FAQs: http://www.folkfestival.org.au/fa

Billy FJ Quinn

Overheard Productions

Reporting from EPIC, this is Overheard Productions...
Reporting from EPIC, this is Overheard Productions… Oh, just for clarification, I’m not with Artsound FM anymore, and the dongle and laptop have also gone to meet their makers. The beer too has been drunk (unlike the drinker).

A treasured moment from 2012 National Folk Festival — The Miss Chiefs are back and on the program this year. Listen to my interview with them earlier this year here: https://overheardproductions.com/2013/01/14/the-miss-chiefs-interview/