Billy’s Going The Nude Nut: World’s Greatest Shave (with help from Creative Image Hairdressers)

Billy Hairy O'Quinn from County Clare.
Billy Hairy O’Cuinn from County Clare. It was his forefather (or possibly his fifth father) Seamus O’Cuinn who started the family tradition of the first male born of every litter to not have eyes equally open when selfie photos are taken on smart phones. First recorded incidence: 1757.

### STOP PRESS — I dropped into the salon that’s going to shave my head and interviewed Teresa from Creative Image Hairdressers, cnr Boddington Crescent and Carleton Street, Kambah, ACT, Australia (phone +61-2-6231-4217). An absolute pleasure to speak with someone who loves what they do for a living, focussed on family and community, and quick with the wit when it comes to a shaggy do put-down for fun about the willing victim! Coming here now! ###

The photo above is me, though not as you may know me. (Actually, looking at that photo again, I look a bit like one of Dr Who’s Cybermen!)

I’m raising funds for the Leukemia Foundation.

Cancer is an insidious little [unmentionable] of a beastie and it discriminates not based on age, gender, race or creed.

It doesn’t give a damn whether you’ve lived a good, bad or indifferent life. Whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or struggled from day dot to make ends meet.

It can advance and ride rough-shod over our lives and our relationships and our families, and it doesn’t give a flying fig who it takes down on its merry dance.

I know. It took my baby bro’ out in 1998 at the wizened old age of 26, and then just to waggle its arse at us, it crept up from nowhere and took out Dad out in 2006.

I’d like to meet Cancer some day and kick it fair and square in the nads.

I can’t.

I can only do what I’ve done in some ways since 1992 and rattle a tin under your nose.

In 2013 I’m shaving my hairy bonce and visage to support the Leukemia Foundation.

Will you help? You can, and it can cost you from zero to whatever you want to put into the tin.

Click here and you can just leave me a message of support or donate if you like. Believe me; if you don’t have the means to make a donation, just a short message will mean all the world to me.

If you have the ability to chuck in a few bucks that’s grand, but it’s not a requisite.

It’s totes your call. And I’ll love you either way, whether you’re shucking clams into the donation pot, or leaving words of encouragement.

And if you’re at the National Folk Festival, it all gets real on Easter Sunday at 12:36pm outside the Session Bar.

Facebook event is here:

And my special thanks to Teresa from Creative Image Hairdressers in Kambah for doing the hack and slash work. If you’d like Teresa and the team to do something a wee bit more sedate and considered, give Teresa a yodel on 02 6231 4217.

And tell her Billy sent yer!

No Bills.
No Bills.

5 thoughts on “Billy’s Going The Nude Nut: World’s Greatest Shave (with help from Creative Image Hairdressers)

      • Oh!! Donation too. Love your guts. If I haven’t sold them off or given them to a local charity, I’ll have those extra vinyl down at the Nash for you. I’m paring the possessions right down to the bare basics, so it’s all gotta go.

        Ah, Hunt for Red October. Remember when they took everything out of the helicopter so they could get Alec Baldwin into the Arctic Circle? Yeah, I’m Red October-ing my life.

        “I will live in Montana…”

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