Bill Quinn


0405 651 681 – Optus callers

0492 344 493 – Telstra and international callers

Please call between 8am and 10pm AEST (Perth, Western Australia (AWST) time)

PLEASE read the communication guidelines at the bottom of our About page before calling for the first time.

Email to:


Snail mail:

Bill Quinn
Overheard Productions

PO Box 8033, Fremantle WA 6160, AUSTRALIA

Please note my preference for first contact is a phone call (voice).

In order of preference, my communication preferences are:

  1. Face to face
  2. Phone calls (voice)
  3. Email
  4. Any other form of text-based communications

I do have Skype access but I’m a bit of a numpty with it and my phone really doesn’t play very nicely with it. I do not have Facetime and I am allergic to Zoom.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use Facebook Messenger. Any messages sent there may take over a day or three or more to get to me. It’s a very unreliable communication channel, I avoid it like the plague, and it is disabled on all my business pages.


Bill Quinn
Fremantle WA

Pic: Bill Quinn (left) and John Schumann (right, Redgum, John Schumann & The Vagabond Crew)