You have a very good listening voice. 


The Cavenaugh Hotel

Cavenagh Street, Garramilla, NT


You are different.


Customer Relationships Manager

Ramada Suites

Bill is an amazing guy and his work really reflects that. I had an interview with him recently and it was like talking to a friend! If you are ever asked to interview with him, I would not pass it up.

Nina Lipscombe

Nina Lipscombe Art

Blue Mountains, New South Wales


You’re a visual storyteller. You consistently share videos and images that other people value. 

You’re a conversation starter. You consistently create meaningful discussions with your posts.

Facebook, 2018


Roy, it’s been fabulous to be helping Bill out here on the planks here. I thought he was a bit of a joke before we started, didn’t you?

H.G. Nelson
Aka Greig Pickhaver

All I know is that Bill is all class. He’s a tremendous bloke, and if anyone feels the need to bag Billy, don’t, don’t; just suspend disbelief for a little while and pretend that Billy in fact can do something. And Billy will be doing something as we speak coming up almost immediately. Ladies and gentlemen, your MC for this evening: Big Billy!

“Rampaging” Roy Slaven
Aka John Doyle

Bill Quinn’s enthusiasm could fly a plane, and when you get that combined with radio skills and a passion for home-grown folk culture, music and ideas, you have a passionate advocate for music-making which is what every musician in this country needs and what every audience member needs to tap into the incredible talent that’s out there. Bill Quinn is a kind of Hermes of the folk world!

Kavisha Mazzella
Musician, songwriter, singer, choir director
Kavisha Mazella music

When we needed some PR for our recent NSW mini-tour at short notice, Bill at Overheard Productions came to our rescue! Fast and efficient service, effective and authentic results. We highly recommend Overheard Productions for your PR needs!

Marcus de Rijk RIP

I first met Bill in August 2013, he met me and interviewed me for a book he is writing. Bill was amazing, putting me at ease, asked the right questions and treated me with an enormous amount of respect in regards to my condition of ‘terminal cancer’.

Bill asked a question that still makes me smile, he was concerned about my family. So not only was he a true professional, he showed a caring compassionate side for me and for my family, he knew what was important, he still does. I was able to get a few things off my chest that id kept bottled up, he found a way to let that happen, he knew what he was doing!

A few days later i had a gathering for my friends, Bill said he’d like to come, he did, he turned up, mixed in with my friends like he had been one for years, not 3 days! He is an infectious soul, a man of his word which means his work is nothing but brilliant and honest. Its a pleasure to call Bill a friend now!

Craig Coombes
Aquaintance turned Friend
Naked Tuesday

Bill Quinn is the ‘real thing’. Real support for hard working bands and performers, real passion for live music, real talent behind the microphone. When Bill interviews an act, MC’s at a festival, promotes the music he loves, people stop and listen – because it’s real and from the heart. I speak from personal experience. Bill has never stopped supporting Grimick from the first time he saw us perform. Thanks Bill, it’s a delight to catch up with you at any festival. Your passion and love for music is infectious. Cheers, Griff (Grimck).

Griff Griffiths

What sets Bill Quinn apart from many of his peers in the media is his grass roots involvement, and understanding of the inner sanctum of music, arts, and culture. Over the years, I have seen Bill in roles as an MC, managing people, timetables, event logistics, and media production. He is an avid and passsionate supporter of the arts, and has a knowledge and unique perception second to none. His contribution to Australian music is tireless. He’s one of those people that has done everything for many weeks and months before you get to a show or event that you loved. We need more Bills in the Australian music industry!

Justin Keenan

I think what Bill has brought to the table when writing for Timber and Steel, and in particular interviewing artists for the site, is the right mix of passion and professionalism. Bill is able to get artists to open up because he truly is a fan of their music, while still managing to deliver work that is of the highest standards. I’m really proud to have Bill Quinn as a contributor on Timber and Steel.

Gareth Hugh Evans
Editor in Chief
Timber and Steel

I have known Bill for many years now as an MC at the biggest Folk Festivals in Australia and as a Radio personality in Canberra. His knowledge of music is immense and he has great respect for all musicians and their craft. Simply put Bill is THE best MC and Radio dJ… bar none….and a real gentleman too. It’s always a pleasure working with Bill.

tony pyrzakowski
Wheeze and Suck band, Kelly’s heroes, Hooper and O’Toole

Bill Quinn has worked with the Vagabond Crew helping to promote couple of our gigs. Suffice to say he “gets it”. And he follows through. And he doesn’t give up. We’d be more than happy to work with him again — in fact we probably will.

John Schumann

I found in Bill an inspiring, motivational, and creative leader when it comes to project management and event production. A veritable powerhouse of communication beyond the mere gift of gab, his talent for connecting with people and his thorough approach in all his dealings is priceless.

Samuel Martin

The man with pizzazz! And a beautiful booming voice to go with it. That’s what you need in an MC who, let’s face it, can make or break your all important event! I wouldn’t take any chances, I would go straight to Bill because he is the man with it all. Not only does he have the personality (and the good looks!) but he cares about your result. Don’t take a risk with others, see Bill Quinn at Overheard Productions…post haste!

When Bill is hired for a speaking engagement, he does thorough research of his topic and has a special gift to anticipate his audience’s response. He is not only a presentable character, but has very strong linguistic skills. A true professional whom I am eager to recommend for any speaking/ presentation opportunity.

Andre Ferreira
Business Manager

I’ve worked with Bill for a number of years at ArtSound FM in Canberra and found him to be a reliable and creative member of the team. He has brought something extra to the station and has strengthened the station’s links with important organisations in the music and arts industries.

Terry Giesecke
Independent Research Professional

Bill was instrumental to the success of a charitable fundraising event we organised in June 2010. Prior to the event Bill offered advice and guidance to assist with our planning for the event. He was generous with his time and provided knowledgeable and insightful advice. Bill also MC’d the event and was invaluable to its success on the day, he was able to keep things flowing smoothly while ensuring the audience enjoyed a great day out. I wholeheartedly recommend Bill for any MC hosting work!

Sunny Forsyth

I have seen Bill live in action and he knows how to take control of the crowd. Highly entertaining, funny and always professional. He’s helped me personally with my public speaking confidence and presentation skills and I can highly recommend him.

Rocketship Builder

Bill Quinn is one of the most music conscious people I’ve ever met. He has so much knowledge and respect for live music and the musicians who play it. It is rare to find someone who holds such boundless enthusiasm for their work while simultaneously being the utmost professional at all times. Bill is a true gentleman and pleasure to know.

Bill is one of a kind. He has an undeniable presence, is a veritable font of knowledge and able to thoroughly entertain & hold the attention of the audience, no matter how large or small the gathering. I have had the pleasure of seeing Bill in action on a number of occasions, both formal & informal & he has always amazed me with his professional though relaxed way of handling each event.

Kerry Sattler

go man go go .

custmer (who ironically schools others in the use of the written word)

I used to attend the trivia night sessions that Bill ran at the tradies club in Dickson. Although clear across town from me, the pilgrimage was worth it for the questions, the interaction and Bill’s highly amusing “smelter accident” running gag. He is a person who tempered humor with knowledge. In recent years, I have been aware of the events that he has run, his strong commitment to the Canberra and Region Music scene and I have attended several of the events that Overheard has organised.

P. Holland

Bill is a classic. Definitely check out his radio show. He’s Canberra’s Wolfman Jack. This is what radio used to be: total fun and personality without the hype.

Canberra Hillbilly soul, Old country, Mariachi blues band

Bungendore Public School Fundraiser. Our aim and objective for the night was for everyone to have fun and to raise a lot of money for our great public school. All achieved with a hoot of a night had by all and a lot of money raised. Thanks Bill for your professionalism, your wit and your input – job well done! Cheers and thanks. Sharon.

We recently had a fantastic wedding for which Bill Quinn was the MC at our wedding reception. He was able to build and maintain the great mood of the wedding guests and encourage and relax timid speakers. Bill was totally reliable and we felt confident and relaxed with him at the helm of the reception.

Nicola and Steve McMahon
Newly weds

I had the pleasure of appearing on Bill Quinn’s ‘Disc Drive’ last night along with my musical mate, Daniel McFeeley. I just wanted to say thanks to Artsound FM for a wonderful service in promoting local music. It’s this kind of thing that makes us a community. I had to laugh at the frenetic pace of Bill’s task. I’ve done a few radio spots in the past and it’s always been a relatively relaxed affair, but the phone was ringing off the hook and Bill was running phone-in competitions, people were dropping in and out — it was like watching a conductor managing an unruly orchestra. Thanks again for a great radio station and a great show.

Fred Pilcher
Canberra-based musician/singer-songwriter

I just wanted to drop you a line and give Bill Quinn a bit of a plug. I manage a Sydney-based artist named Mark Wilkinson who was performing over the weekend at the National Folk Festival. A local retailer I know, Froggy who owns Songland Records, recommended getting in touch with Bill. I did so and found him very hospitable and supportive, offering a beer and a chat about the local scene with Mark and me, and interviewing Mark for ArtSound FM on the spot. I look forward to hearing the end result on air and we appreciate the great support offered by community broadcasters.

Tim Arney

Music at the Creek salutes Bill Quinn! Hardworking, reliable, and always ready to stick his head over the parapet, Bill has put in many hours of hard yakka over many years, with a multitude of different hats on, to help make Music at the Creek, one of the greatest little festivals on the Eastern Seaboard. Thank you Bill; The Creek wouldn’t be the same without you! 

I first met met Bill at Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival in 2006 -7. I was a sound guy In one of the major venues and Bill was an MC in the venue. I had my then teenage daughter Emma with me and Bill talked her into being an MC and helped her gain the confidence to do the gig. She did great, and she and I appreciated that. I have been a a sound guy at many other festivals and Bill’s spirit remains the same. He is an asset to us all. Cheers, mate. 

Larry Burns
Sound guy

Most importantly, Overheard Productions is coming from the right place…a deep passion for the music and a strong feel for community. Bill Quinn has the drive, the ability and the network to make things happen! A pretty handy combination in this industry.

Daniel Champagne
Singer/songwriter, musician
Daniel Champagne music

Bill Quinn is passionate about good music and getting good music heard. This he manages to do and that is no mean feat these days! He also makes a great chauffeur for a poor musician who can’t afford to get to the interview and for this I am always indebted to him.

Children’s singer/songwriter and entertainer

OVERHEARD PRODUCTIONS, with entrepreneur and emcee Bill Quinn at the core of the business, has helped promote our performances and enhance our experiences at music festivals across Australia. They understand what we do. They immerse themselves in our brand, work with our core values, reject mediocrity, and always strive for the extraordinary.

When we know OVERHEARD PRODUCTIONS are overseeing a music event or festival that we are appearing at, we are absolutely confident about receiving: a professionalism we can count on; impeccable and proactive service; an understanding that reliability matters; and an unflappable flexibility in setting an upbeat tone to proceedings.

OVERHEARD PRODUCTIONS has always exceeded our expectations through meticulous attention to detail and exceptional communications.

Sydney-based singing duo

How fortunate we are that there are people like Bill Quinn who tirelessly and humorously go about doing good in the world and help me to believe that I can too.

Canberra-based artist

Bill has done so much for Simone and me. Among many many things he has increased our CD sales, got bums on seats at our gigs and organised an artist endorsement from Takamine for myself. He single-handedly resurrected our enthusiasm, shouted dinner on several occasions and made us get off our butts when we got lazy. 

Bill Quinn is a man of his word, a passionate supporter of live music, and an enthusiastic and entertaining MC.
Cameron Smith
Kooky Fandango, Brass Knuckle Brass Band, Moochers Inc. and Jazz Uncovered Festival

Bill was our Master of Ceremonies at the highly successful Downer 50th Anniversary Celebrations which were held in March 2010. Bill worked pro bono which didn’t prevent him from putting on a marvelous show. Bill was a major contributor to a most successful day.

Di Fielding
Secretary, Downer Community Association (Canberra, Australia)

You can always rely on Bill at Overheard Productions for reliable, punctual and effective PR service. Bill is professional and personable, always responding to queries in a timely manner. Highly recommended!

Laura JC
The Weeping Willows

Mr Bill Quinn is an incredibly quirky, talented M.C. For any occasion. I’ve seen him work many a time and he’s perfect for any job in public relations. He just ‘gets’ an audience. Thanks, Bill!
Kristy Riehs
Punter and band support

You’re a very crazy man Bill Quinn and I nearly blocked you after your dissing of Fleetwood Mac last week. But you’re ok. You’re better than ok. Great chat today. Will be good to see you down this way again extremely soon.

Chris Johnson
Journalist: Fairfax Media (The Canberra Times)
Author: Guitar, the Australian Journey published by Barrallier Books, a division of Echo Books (Canberra)

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