Typus interruptus felinus

This is the online home of Overheard Productions, registered in the ACT in December 2003, previously operating up and down the east coast of Australia (depending on our moods and the prevailing winds) from March 2013 to May 2019. Anchors dropped in Garramilla (Darwin) from May 2019 to August 2021, then Mparntwe (Alice Springs), Northern Territory for more months, and now in the lands of the Noongar people in south west Western Australia.

Original interviews and reviews are stored on this site. There’s some other miscellaneous odds and sods scattered therein – approach with caution. 😳 New content going up and about to increase at a rate of knots. Much of that will be thanks to our number four contractor (M.C.) who is currently based in Perth.

Due to some periods of bare-minimum membership subscription to Soundcloud, some older audio of interviews has expired and links may be broken. I’m mopping these up as I find them.

If you see any references to audio being removed by expiry dates in 2020, please ignore those. We had a pre-Covid exercise to transfer all audio interviews to text, but decided when the pandemic really bit hard that it was worth $16 a month of our business funds to keep those in place to support the independent artists we’ve helped over the past 15 years or so.

In our current incarnation, Overheard Productions is a wandering, itinerant, peripatetic entity (that would be the boss), and the contents will reflect this troubadouracality. Again, Darwin was a safe harbour pre-Covid and for the first 18 months of the pandemic. Since moved on to Mparntwe, Meanjin, and now in Perth/Fremantle.

If you’re a first time visitor, please read www.OverheardProductions.com/Testimonials to get a feel for the range of services, activities, and user reactions. To see who has engaged us in various capacities, go to: www.OverheardProductions.com/Clients.

Overheard Productions is currently a proud sponsor of 102.1FM 8CCC Community Radio – Alice Springs & Tennant Creek via the radio shows Dead Parrots Society (Saturday 6-8pm ACST) and A Little Bit Country (Sunday 11am-1pm ACST).

You can listen to these shows at 102.1FM in the aforementioned localities or online at 8ccc.com.au AND they are available on demand to listen to, pause, rewind, pause again while you grab a coffee, beer, the door, a tofu de burger, rack of ribs, your partner, the kid falling off the kitchen counter, or the doorbell ringing because Startrak thinks you’re #34 not #36 next door or across the road.

We give our utmost respect in this country of many nations to custodians of these lands past, present, emerging, and future.

#AlwaysWasAlwaysWilBe Aboriginal Land.

Overheard Productions is a non-discriminatory entity and does not allow discrimination of any sort, including all of the -isms and -ics. Wrap it altogether and say if you’re a bigot, go play elsewhere. Please!

Bill Quinn
Overheard Productions

Blah blah: 0405 651 681
Business: www.overheardproductions.com/
Blather and Banter: www.overheardproductions.com
Blaggard: www.facebook.com/overheardproductions

Braggard: www.facebook.com/BillTheGypsy

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