This is the original home of Overheard Productions, registered in the ACT in December 2003, currently operating up and down the east coast of Australia, depending on the mood, the season, and prevailing winds.

Original interviews and reviews are archived on this site.

Due to some periods of minimal membership subscription to Soundcloud, some older audio has expired and the links may be broken. I’m mopping these up as I find them.

In its current incarnation, Overheard Productions is a wandering, itinerant, peripatetic entity, and the contents will reflect this troubadouracality.

If you’re a first time visitor, please read www.OverheardProductions.com/Testimonials to get a feel for the range of services, and also www.OverheardProductions.com/Clients.

See you on the roads.

Bill Quinn
Overheard Productions

Blah blah: 0405 651 681
Business: http://www.overheardproductions.com/
Blather and Banter: www.overheardproductions.com
Braggart: www.facebook.com/overheardproductions
Bedding: www.BillTheHousesitter.com


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