Humph Hall: An Open Letter to Warringah Council (NSW, Australia)

Image courtesy of Humph Hall via NSW Folk Federation (
Image courtesy of Humph Hall via NSW Folk Federation (

### STOP PRESS. On Sunday 9 March 2014, I had a long chat with Wayne Richmond at Humph Hall about this epic saga.

There are two sides to every story, but this one’s more like a dodecahedron. Wayne was quick to acknowledge the positive input from Warringah councillors, mayor and even the personal attention of NSW planning portfolio.

Articles to come here and at Timber and Steel soon.

Humph Hall: An Open Letter to Warringah Council by Bill Quinn

Written on the E89 bus from Bilgola Plateau to Railway Square, Sydney NSW, Australia

Friday 7 March 2014

If a picture says a thousand words, here’s several million for you.

Go to Google Images — — and search on ‘humph hall’ then scroll, view, scroll view, next page, etc. That will tell you the value of this venue more eloquently than I can. But do read on!


When it comes to angrily shaking my fists in a Peter Finch/Shaun Micallef ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore’ style of protest, I prefer direct contact.

I just don’t online petition. I’m glad for you to do so, but don’t ask me to sign one.

So having read in The Manly Daily about the latest in the legal wrangle over fire and safety at Humph Hall, and the fact that Warringah Council is now dragging Wayne Richmond and Gial Leslie into court over the matter, I took time out from my morning ritual of staring inquisitively out the bus window along Barrenjoey Road to Haymarket, and tapped out the below, patiently navigating council’s rather confusing and limiting web-site to submit my two cents’ worth.

To contact Warringah Council, go to:

“Liking Facebook pages and reposting memes is not enough in days like these.”
— Bill Quinn via Billy Bragg.


Dear Warringah Council

As a music lover and writer/blogger, and as someone temporarily residing in the northern beaches, I’m disgusted that you can’t resolve your issues with Wayne Richmond and Humph Hall without resorting to court time.

Wayne Richmond is passionate about music and performance, and his intimate venue gives indie artists a welcome opportunity and alternative on their tour schedules.

It’s tucked enough far away from the bright lights of Annandale or the far flung gigs in Cronulla to let artists plan a string of appearances in the Greater Sydney area.

We need venues like Humph Hall and tireless operators like Wayne Richmond who give of themselves to foster musical diversity.

Good luck to the peroxide set bopping to DJ Corse So in da clubs with their hands in the air like they just don’t care. Vive le diversité.

But for pity’s sake, use your powers for good and mediate an outcome that is a win for you, your constituents, travelling musos and the wider public.

You’ll be one of those to benefit in the short to long term.

Yours respectfully

Bill Quinn
Overheard Productions

One of many, many, many clips of fabulous acoustic music performed and recorded at Humph Hall. Many more at Wayne Richmond’s Youtube channel:

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