A Punter’s Perspective 13 — Mike and Thom Jackson

Mike and Tom Jackson
Mike and Tom Jackson

A Punter’s Perspective

Random observations on the wide, weird world of folk from the side of the stage

#13 Mike and Tom Jackson
First published in Trad and Now magazine, November 2008

This is the second in a (very) occasional series that’s taking a casual glance at what’s being done in the realm of folk for and by kids. Back in

T&N: Mike, what are you doing here?

Mike: 16 performances! Kids’ performers tend to be the work horses; we basically are often multi-talented and we have to be able to perform for adults and for kids. This festival fortunately I’m doing just kids’ performances so I’ve got time to concentrate down here.

It’s a wonderful life, it really is.

Why do we do what we do? I think initially it was a second string to be an adult performer: you were sent off down to the kids to make them happy for a while. In my case, it became a profession fairly early in the piece.

What am I trying to do for kids? Pass on some of the traditions that my grand-parents and parents passed on to me. It’s an ongoing thing; I’m basically entertaining but teaching as I go about the music and about the instruments that I play. Continue reading