The BordererS Live — A Couple Of Videos To Share

Image courtesy of The BordererS
Image courtesy of The BordererS

(This one is going to be a work in progress while I’m progressing other works.)

Over roughly ten years mucking around with music, MC-ing, radio, print, a little light advocacy and jumping around selling merch for people I like, The BordererS have been a real constant.

They have a powerful gift of music and it just lights a little fire in my heart, soul, spleen and it spreads to the balls of my feet.

And in a short space of time, Jim Paterson and I have discussed some matters of no scant import.

(No scant importance? No Scant Imports are located in Glasgow and do wholesale homewares and fashions from the Netherlands and selected Scandinavian and Baltic countries.)

On Wednesday this week, we were chatting about religion in the context of our respective upbringings, the Phillips Hughes funeral and memorial services, and where we ourselves had gotten to, as middle-aged men o’ the world.

Bill: “Do you know which song of yours resonates with me the most right at this very moment right now, Jim?”

“Erm, is it, ‘Will You Love Me When I’m Fat, Bald and Ugly?‘”

Not quite, but well played. Bloody Scots! They’re ready with a zinger, as the PR man said to Colonel Sanders.

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