Interview: Francolin (Melbourne)


Interview with Francolin (Melbourne)

at the 2013 National Folk Festival

Melbourne-based pop and folk band Francolin are taking a break from gigging at the moment as they prepare to record their second album.

However, when it comes to getting the word out about your gigs, an experience in June this year helped explain some of the absurdities of social media, and the curious inconsistencies of Facebook in particular.

The band were supporting The Harlots at a gig in Brunswick, but Facebook wouldn’t let them promote the details.


The term ‘Harlot’ was not acceptable under Facebook’s terms and conditions.

The irony there, of course, is that finding this out is likely to induce the use of a stream of words that are a good deal more sailor-blushing than ‘harlot’.

To back-track a couple of months.

I was putting myself on a strict diet of recording any new interviews at this year’s National Folk Festival and I’m still currently only up to February on a mammoth interview backlog project. But having seen Francolin play to an overflowing Scrumpy venue on Good Friday afternoon, I was keen to have a chat.

So I spoke briefly with Staffan Guinane and Aaron Silver from the band, and that would be this recording right here:

As mentioned, the band is taking a break from gigging while they work on their new record, however they would dearly love you to fall in love with their first album, Won’t Let You Down. Listen to tracks and purchase a soft or hard copy here.

Also, Staffan Guinane will be playing a solo gig featuring Francolin numbers and some covers at The Curtin in Lygon Street, Melbourne on Tuesday 16 July.

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