The BordererS (SA) at Wollongong City Diggers, Saturday 15 June

The BordererS (SA) at Wollongong City Diggers, Saturday 15 June

Alex and Jim from The BordererS

The good people from the Illawarra Folk Club are currently preparing for the Snowy Mountains of Music, but once back at sea level they’ll then be gearing up for the next in their regular concerts with the next one on Saturday 15 June at Wollongong City Diggers Club featuring The BordererS from South Australia.

The BordererS are always very welcome visitors up north, presenting as they do a heady mix of emotional ballads and high energy/highly danceable original music (and one or two covers and the odd singalong).

Late last year I spoke with Jim Paterson ahead of a couple of Borderers gigs and you can read that interview here:

See you at the Wollongong City Diggers on Saturday 15 June. More details on Illawarra Folk Club goings on are available in their latest June newsletter.

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