Claymore (Vic.) Flying Saucer Club, Friday 8 March 2013

Claymore (Vic.)
Claymore (Vic.)

Claymore Live

The Flying Saucer Club

First the details, then the existential ponderings.

Claymore are playing at

The Flying Saucer Club
4 St Georges Road. Elsternwick, Victoria

Friday 8 March 2013

From the presser:

Claymore’s reputation as outstanding entertainers has led them to perform at many local and international festivals, they have performed in New York, Scotland, France at the “Festival Interceltique“, the largest Celtic festival in the world many times, New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne, Launceston (Tasmania), National Celtic Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Big Blues Day Out, Perth International Arts Festival, Brunswick Music Festival and many more.

The band has played many live radio and television performances in Australia and overseas. 

With a mixture of traditional Scottish and Irish music and modern self penned Celtic rock the band represents the best of new age Folk Music.

Through a diverse and unique mix of sound’s featuring guitar, mandolin, fiddle, military snare, the highland bagpipes and even a didgeridoo, it is little wonder Claymore are one of Australia’s most popular festival acts.  A not to be missed extravaganza.

Claymore are one of the first bands to spark my interest in folk music. Unless you count that village fair in Surrey in 1979 where I first experienced Morris Dancing (and have been in therapy ever since).

But in the modern era, it was the Beechworth Celtic Festival in 2001 and I had been taken there by my squeeze of the time and we had a mighty fine weekend. It was where I first saw Jigzag, The Beenies and Bahn Tré.

Nothing was ever quite the same after that, even if it did take another three and a half years to distil the experience and step over the threshold of the National Folk Festival in Canberry for the very first time. My ninth is coming up this month.

It was wonderful to see Claymore perform in Queanberra last Saturday as I prepared to leave the city of my birth for good.

I’ve been lobbying William Hutton and co. to come here for about four and a half years since I had the great pleasure of being the band’s MC at the Guinness Tent at Maldon Folk Festival to a heaving, throbbing and bobbing crowd. That they were here just before I’m folking off for the rest of my naturals was just a dream come true.

Here are some pictures taken by The Artists Shed’s music impresario Tim Keeble:

I should tell you about this sound file below. It’s a microcosm of my last 40 days and 40 nights.

Due in the studios of 2XX-FM in Canberry City, it’s a bit of a palava. (WordPress suggests I should hyphenate palava. I personally prefer palava with a bit of Chinese Gooseberry on top.)

I was delayed that day for vehicular restoration — it’s a van so I was restoring the vernacular. That so doesn’t scan.

I then fell down a 45 degree slope and skidded across concrete, clay and stone and lost a lot of bark off my good left leg. (We don’t talk about the bad left leg.) It was completely my own silly mountain-goat fault.

I then bought myself some sanity by grabbing a very large coffee at Café Racer and Pet Grooming Salon in Macquarie, ACT. (I’ll need them at the end of this month when I get my summer coat shaved off for charity.)

(That café is awesome. Hayden makes the best coffee and is one of the most customer-oriented and pleasant young baristas you’ll have the pleasure of meeting. Drop in there for one to have there or one on the go, and tell him Billy with the Technicolour Monstrosity Battle Van sent ya.)

Anyhoo. arriving at 2XX where I’m not au fait at all with the panels, there was noone about except the lunchtime presenter in the soundproof production booth doing the Lunchbox show.

It’s just sacrosanct in my book to disturb a presenter when you don’t know their sensitivities and operating styles, even when tracks are playing and they have some mike-free time. (Have you met Mike? It’s always good to have a break from him.)

Many was the time when fellow presenters and others would sashay into the production booth at Artsound FM to chat about the weather, the alignment of the planets and what shade of puce would look good on the studio walls. And it would take every fibre of my being to not roar at them (politely, mind) to take themselves and the horse they rode in on and make like a restricted short film downloadable or play incognito online if you want to avoid the temporary files giving your maiden aunt a heart attack when she goes to look up knitting patterns.


Grace. ‘Nina’ in Hebrew, I now know this thanks to a whistle-stop in Leura two weeks ago.

I know Sylvie Stern a little, but I left her uninterrupted and relied on my own wits and ingenuity.

Ha! Mistake.

William and I did the interview but I just could not make most things work. William’s voice was pounding through my temples in the cans (that’s radio talk for tins on string), but it was appearing as a mere blip on the sound spectrum. Unfortunately that meant in post-production I had to amplify his voice 36 times and damp mine down. One of the most prominent features of this sound file is my own heavy breathing (laaaaadies!)

So I do apologise.

In another less time-poor world, I would redo it, but time goes on (and so do I) and there are subtle traps in doing full second takes of interviews.

So here it is, warts and all. I hope you can break through the “noise” (Comms 101, Chapter one, simple models of communication), and squint at the faint and feint bits and decipher most.

If the heavy breathing does it for you, call me maybe? I’m here all week. Tip your waitresses. Try the haggis.

And above all, if you get yourself down to The Flying Saucer Club on Saturday night: I’ll see you if I’m looking at you.

(I’ll be the one bouncing around on bruised and cut legs to Firkin Point Set.)

Billy FJ Quinn
Overheard Productions

6.36am, Thursday 28 February 2013

and a more rowdy, rabbley, joyous version of same:

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