The Woodford Files 2014-15: New Year’s Eve at The Duck with Black Market Tune

Image courtesy of Black Market Tune
Image courtesy of Black Market Tune

You’re spoilt for choice as to where to spend those last moments of the year at Woodford Folk Festival.

I had probably my most memorable NYE a few years ago in the then Duck and Shovel, at a Beatles Singalong of all things, but this year, it was a case of same venue, completely different music on offer.

Enjoy these guys’ new year vicariously again!

The Woodford Files 2014-2015: The Soldier’s Wife

Image courtesy of Sugarrush Music
Image courtesy of Sugarrush Music

One of our roving Timber and Steel reporters, Bill Quinn, has 36 000 rules and observations for festivals, an important one this time of year being that if you sit in one place for the whole festival, then eventually the festival passes you by.

And so it was on Boxing Day that one of these myriad chance happenings happened.

Sitting in the cool of the Tokyo Bar, sipping cool ginger beer on ice, the lovely Chanel Lucas turned to say g’day, and how are you going, and whatcha doing, and I’m becoming a Queenslander for four months, and you? I’m about to perform a song in a themed concert called The Soldier’s Wife.

(For porpoises of clarification, Bill is the new ‘33% of the next year Queenslander’, while Chanel is performing in The Soldier’s Wife.)

And this led to a meeting with the just as lovely Deborah Suckling, the brains and organisational braun behind The Soldier’s Wife. Currently an irregularly performed concert, matching female singer-songwriters with “..the partners of Australian servicemen – both past and present – and putting the experience, emotions and lives of those women into song”.

Read more about this wonderful project and the fundraising goodness it does for Legacy Australia at Sugarrush Music.

And/or push play on the below and hear Deborah tell us all about it in a tick over eight minutes:

The one and only extra concert is on tonight (Sunday 28 December 2014) at 8pm AEST at The Duck (concert venue just across the crick from the Tokyo Bar).

A full CD will be out in 2015 through MGM Records, but for now you can enjoy five tracks on Soundcloud:

Or if you’re at the gig, you can grab a CD and make a donation to Legacy Australia.