Bill Quinn – Writer, Technical Writer, Sub-Editor, Contributor, Stringer, Advocate, Singer, Gypsy

Bill Quinn and John Schumann (Redgum, John Schumann & The Vagabond Crew), Concert Stage, Woodford Folk Festival, December 2007

Contributor to Trad & Now magazine, Ducks Crossing Publications, 2006 – present

Contributor to Central Coast Newspapers, 2014.

Social media for Trad & Now, 2010 – present. Plus some admin and deliveries and cook and bottle-washer from time to time 😉

Festival and gig MC, 2006 – present

Radio presenter:

2008 to 2012 – Artsound FM 92.7/90.3FM/  (ACT)

2019 to 2020 – 104.1 Territory FM/ (NT)

2020 – Guest presenter via phone, 107.5FM 2EAR-FM/ Thursdays at 7.15pm AEST on Ian Traynor’s as yet unnamed Thursday evening show (6-10pm)

Trivia quiz host, 1992 – 2012. Maybe again…

Peripatetic, interviewer, blatherer. Ongoing. Always. Ever-present.

Gypsy. Effectively on the road since March 2013, however, currently in residence in Darwin, on the lands of the Larrakia Nation – the Salt Water people, and I pay respect to their elders past, present, and emerging. These are lands that are called Australia that were never ceded by the traditional owners.

More details at

Bill The Housesitter
Bill Quinn, Bloke, v2011

“Never meet your heroes” – Old Norse saying. “Bugger that!” – Bill Quinn, 1966 – present, Canberra Theatre Centre, 2011. With Stephen William Bragg.
Bill Quinn, Bloke, In A Pool, Coconut Grove, May 2020
Santoor from Azadi Persian Food Truck (left) and Bill Quinn, Overheard Productions, Tuesday 9 June 2020
At Groove Cafe and Makers Space, Nightcliff NT, Australia, Sunday 7 June 2020
Bill Quinn, Overheard Productions, Beachfront Hotel, Rapid Creek NT, Saturday 13 June 2020, 23:00 ACST, 25⁰C and 83% humidity – so my devices may be spending tonight in a bed of pasta and coffee grounds. 🙄

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