Bill Quinn – Writer, Advocate, Sponsor, Mentor, Contributor, Stringer, Singer, Gypsy

Bill Quinn and John Schumann (Redgum, John Schumann & The Vagabond Crew), Concert Stage, Woodford Folk Festival, December 2007

Owner/operator of Overheard Productions, 2003 to present

Owner/operator of ******** Entertainment, 2021 onwards. Launch in May 2022, open for business 1 July 2022, Post Go-Live Party on 21 July 2022. Watch this space.

Proud sponsor of 102.1FM 8CCC Community Radio – Alice Springs & Tennant Creek (Dead Parrots Society and A Little Bit Country), October 2021 onwards.

to Trad & Now magazine (folk and anything roughly related), Ducks Crossing Publications, 2006 – present

to Central Coast Newspapers, 2014.

Social media for Trad & Now, 2010 onwards. Plus some admin and deliveries and cook and bottle-washer from time to time 😉

Festival and gig MC 2005 onwards

Radio presenter:

2008 to 2012 – Artsound FM 92.7/90.3FM/  (ACT)

2019 to 2020 – 104.1 Territory FM/ (NT)

2020 – Guest presenter via phone, 107.5FM 2EAR-FM/ Thursdays at 7.15pm AEST on Ian Traynor’s as yet unnamed Thursday evening show (6-10pm)

Trivia quiz host 1992 – 2012. Maybe again…

Peripatetic, interviewer, blatherer Ongoing. Always. Ever-present.

Gypsy. Effectively on the road from Ngunnawal (Canberra) since March 2013, with a 2.5 year stop in Darwin (March 2019 to August 2021).

Currently in residence in Mparntwe (Alice Springs), on the lands of the Central Arrente people, and I pay respect to the custodians past, present, and emerging. These are lands that are called ‘Australia’ and Terra Australis, a land of many nations, that were never ceded by the traditional owners.

More details at

Bill The Housesitter
Bill Quinn, Bloke, v2011

“Never meet your heroes” – Old Norse saying. “Bugger that!” – Bill Quinn, 1966 – present, Canberra Theatre Centre, 2011. With Stephen William Bragg.
Bill Quinn, Bloke, In A Pool, Coconut Grove, Garramilla (Darwin), May 2020

Santoor from Azadi Persian Food Truck (left) and Bill Quinn, Overheard Productions, Tuesday 9 June 2020

At Groove Cafe and Makers Space, Nightcliff NT, Australia, Sunday 7 June 2020

Bill Quinn, Overheard Productions, Beachfront Hotel, Rapid Creek NT, Saturday 13 June 2020, 23:00 ACST, 25⁰C and 83% humidity – so my devices may be spending tonight in a bed of pasta and coffee grounds. 🙄

Endless Sky at Araluen Arts Centre, Saturday 21 August 2021. A picture says a thousand words, but I could do you 10,000 words and chase the rider to explain why this performance at Darwin Festival and this broadcast on 13 September 2021 led me inexorably to Mparntwe on 18 September 2021. I arrived in Mparntwe 12 days after I was originally due to return the Let’s Go Motorhomes motorhome to Winnellie NT and this picture and all that’s happened since is why I’m currently up to Day 56, being a gypsy again from Garramilla to Mparntwe, and out to Kwartatuma, further to gaze for hours towards Rwetyepme, then on to Tnorala, through Ntaria past the Albert Namatjira memorial along Larapinta Drive and after many more days ‘In The Middle’, I’ll finally drop the beastie back to Winnellie this Friday 29 November 2021 on Day 60. Then after four frenetic days encompassing Darwin Fringe Festival 2021 v2.0, I’ll be jumping on a big bird and flying back to Mparntwe just as fast as the laws of physics allow. I’m now in Alice Sings and we have much work to do before taking the stage on 27 November 2021. Tickets from Araluen Arts Centre – I’ll be the one melted and melded into the much more accomplished and experienced low voices on the left of stage.
Not my first rodeo, but on 1 January 2008, this was then by far and away my biggest singing gig. 200 singers, 15 musos, 8 Taiko drummers, 15,000 audients. Woodford Folk Festival Fire Choir, Fire Event. I’m the one in white. No, seriously, I’m just to the right of the water tank of a drum on your left, stage right, arms crossed in the ‘protecting the family jewels’ position. 🙂 Picture: Steve Swayne (Serendigity).

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