Acoustic Soup at the ANU Food Coop, Canberra City (Acton)

ANU Food Coop
ANU Food Coop

Acoustic Soup at the ANU Co-op Food Shop

Third Wednesday of the month

Let’s hear it for doing new stuff. CS Lewis opined that you should do six impossible things before breakfast. Well, here’s one new thing to do next month. And here are six things you can do there:

  1. Try some of the most delicious, nutritious vego soup with chick peas and awesome bread
  2. Try some home brew from Albury mayhaps
  3. Listen to/watch some of the best acoustic music that Canberra’s independent music scene has to offer
  4. Meet some really amazing gals and guys who are passionate about community and sustainable futures
  5. Browse an incredible array of organic and ethical products, and finally (wait for it, brace yourself)
  6. Poo in a bucket!

OK, there’s method in the madness of that last one. In fact, before this post is done and dusted, thou shalt have a link to what that’s about. Continue reading