A Punter’s Perspective 31 — Watching the passing parade at Illawarra

Peter McLeod, Rick Saur, Arch Bishop, Rosie McDonald, Bill Arnett
Rosie McDonald and her "beautiful men". Illawarra Folk Festival 2012

A Punter’s Perspective

Random observations on the wide, weird world of folk from the side of the stage

#31 Watching the passing parade at Illawarra
First published in Trad and Now magazine, January 2012

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘If you sit in one spot at a festival, eventually the whole festival will pass you by’.

This is especially handy for making unplanned musical discoveries and for finding lost friends if (heaven forbid) you can’t hunt them down by mobile phone.

(I’m still working on a device that turns everyone’s mobile phone off or to silent as soon as they’re within 100m of a festival. Patent pending.)

As I found at my sixth Illawarra Folk Festival (their 27th), sitting in one place is also a great source of inspiration when you want to get material for an article. Continue reading