Overheard Productions Closing Down Sale continues until Sunday 23 October 2016



Earlier this week, we announced a very short closing down sale to last until 18:36 AEST (Gold Coast, Australia) which meant an elapsed time of about four and a half days.

Sadly, this week has been high-JACKed by a bit of illness, some frustrating global and national organisations behaving very badly, and just two or three individuals in my worlds acting like petulant pre-school children.

Actually, that’s an unfair comparison: I know many very mature pre-schoolers.

We’ll have a bit more to say about the reasons for this decision at the end of Sunday 23 October, coming as it does only about six weeks before the 13th anniversary of the business starting in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

And no, that’s nothing to do with the fear of reaching 13. Numbers for us are like horoscopes: they’re a bit of harmless fun, but not to be taken seriously. Take 50, for example. (Everyone thinks I’m in my forties!)

But for now, let’s just say that there are new chapters to be written, projects to put in place without distractions, and maybe a few legacy barnacles collected along the way that we’ll happily scrape off the hull as we shut the doors.

Billgella Lawsoote eating out -- one of my FAVOURITE things to do. I LOVE eating out!
“Tired, tired, tired, tired!”

There will also be some thanks and acknowledgements because it’s been quite a ride. When I started the business, bursting out of a small business forum like a man possessed, I was a cashed-up (sort of, actually, no not really but I was on a good salary) salaried worker, and had a stable apartment that I was renting in inner Belconnen (across the road from the Gull Service Station).

Today, I literally have no idea where I will be come 18:36 on Sunday 23 October 2016.


I could have an educated guess which state I’ll be in (dazed and confused), but that’s it. And as for salary now, well, let’s just say I’m looking forward to getting a new business going in the not-too distant, funded under the NEIS scheme. That entity is a bit of a mystery as I still have a business and financial plan to develop, and grants to finalise.

For now, let’s just say the next eight (lucky 8) days shall be diverse, unpredictable, challenging, fun, and a lot of hard yakka while I sweep up the floors and clear out the cupboards. Yes, those were metaphors!

Come with? It might be fun!

Bill Quinn
Overheard Productions (but not for very much longer)
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (until Monday morning)

22:36 Saturday 15 October 2016 AEST


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